Apple Is Creating Adblock Software For Safari

Adblock Is Coming From Apple To Safari. Some IOS 9 developer paperwork expose some outrageous info about apple adblock.

“Apple’s developer documentation detailing “What is New in Safari” (Apple’s internet browser) highlights the modify. “The new Safari launch delivers Content Blocking Safari Extensions to iOS. Content Blocking presents your extensions a fast and efficient way to block cookies, illustrations or photos, methods, pop-ups, and other content material.” to be-apple-leaping-advertisement-blocking-080346367.html

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  1. Can't wait to block add personally!
    If I wanted to see your product or whatever I would find it myself, not on a website that I typed in. If your product is needed then the masses can find it

  2. Apple's probably responding to the latest trend in internet ads, If you see a top 25 list to read, It's a slideshow that forces you to load 25 web pages with new ads on each page sucking data and time from what should be a quick read. Almost ALL of the PC among other web sites are guilty of it and I'm 100% behind Apple on this one, The web sites brought this on themselves.

  3. (U still watching High School DxD?) There's no reason Apple would purposely target and kill ads (I hope there isn't). It might be similar to the Tracking Protection functionality on IE. Using third-party lists, TP actually has the ability to block most ads off from its original intended functionality. In a best case scenario, to block ads you'll have to enforce it yourself, and if you know how to do it, you probably already have Adblock installed (or not). For iOS users, they use the YouTube app. This won't affect YouTube in any way, what-so-ever. At least on mobile. Everywhere else… we'll have to see how this is implemented.

  4. Google is such a large company, I'm sure they have paid for the rights from Apple to not block any ads relating to Google, YouTube, etc. So ads that play before YouTube videos that help content creators with ad revenue will probably not be affected by this ad blocker.

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